Friday, January 23, 2009

They know

well my folks FINALLY foned me yesterday afternoon. There was much skrieking from my mom and my dad said all the right things, but i'm sure he must be shell shocked. I am his baby after all!

Today I told my brothers and my uber cute neice... she then told me brother - her dad - that "Caz is having a baby so that I can play with it and it can come live by us".

Sure kid, if you're willing to do nappies...

Anyway, last night was a hen's night. It began with sushi and cocktails and the guests included some of the most cunning sleuths i know. Eyebrows shot up and eyes popped out of heads when I declined ordering sushi so i had to make up some half-arsed story about over indulging in sushi over the weekend (which actually is absolutely true) and moaned about a headache (also absolutely true). But still, I could see some of the little brains ticking over time.

I have discovered this about being pregnant:
* Being knocked up makes me thirsty. I have to pee in the middle of the night a lot. It sucks!
* People hug me a WHOLE LOT MORE than I realised before my boobs decided to be UBER sore
* I feel mildly hungover most of the time
* Your life is suddenly viewed in terms of weeks instead of days, months or years
* I actually might like fruit


po said...

I hate fruit. Are you saying pregnancy could make me like fruit.That is one good thing amongst all the other scary stuff!

Slyde said...

wow, congrats!

see, i miss reading some blogs for a bit and all the big news passes me by :)