Thursday, January 22, 2009

3 days since

So it's 3 days since I found out.

Yesterday I went to see a doc. Just wanted to double triple check that I am actually pregnant and then also ask all the questions and stuff.

She did a scan! (Didn't expect that!!)
I actually could see a little heartbeat!! The doc reckons the heartbeat only started yesterday or the day before. Cool hey? The baby is 3mm long. Shame.

So that was all quite exciting.

My Band bought me a present yesterday...

How frikken cute is that?

One thing that sucks is that my folks stiiiill don't know. See I sent both sets of grandparents a telegram coz I thought it would be a cool way for them to find out. But telegrams are not what they used to be!! They take a few days to get there.

Anyway today i have a headache and feel awful. It sucks and my cheeks are all red. But that babygro makes it worth it!


Tamara said...

Love the baby grow. The band rocks. Truly.

Being Brazen said...

too cute

Jeanette said...

That babygrow is too cute!! I have to find one for a colleague of mine!

Caz said...

This kid is going to be an enviro activist all the way. No lame slogans about milk and dirty nappies. UGH. nope. Going to be bunny hugging stuff.