Monday, January 26, 2009

Doing well....except that infernal yawning

Seriously, it's embarassing. I sit through meeting yawning my head off!
(Ok, that's not necessarily a completely new development...)

So this weekend I told my best mate. She is now driving me mad. Telling me all this stuff like I must keep my hand on my tummy - the baby can sense it, and should I really be eating white bread? and don't tan on your stomach - you're an incubator yuo know.

Between her and my mom ("One day when you're a mother, then you'll understand" AAARGH) they are driving me insane.


Ruby said...

oh my word??????? i was slightly suspicious when i saw the e-mail was ma baker.....but i thought maybe you just did that to be funny. Congrats!!!!

Shame hun...if it makes you feel any better one of my besties are also preggers and everything you're saying she's got are not alone!

Miss T said...

man oh man!!!!

Brilliant! Im seriously happy for you and the band. congrats lassies :)

Anonymous said...

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