Sunday, April 19, 2009

the motion

so i was lying on bed this afternoon - in the past 4.5 months i have discovered the lost art of napping (where has it been all my life??) and I felt the baby move for the first time! It felt almost like a once off heartbeat at the bottom of my stummy. I waited a bit, got impatient, prodded the stummy a few times, and voila. More of those little pulses. YAY! What an incredible feeling!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


why with the peeing? Ugh.
I haven't really peed any more than usual until today. But today has made up for the last 4 months. CRIKEY.
Ok, i guess it makes sense, if bambino's total length is about 18cm and I saw the teeny beginnings of a bump for the first time today only, then I guess some squashing of internal organs is inevitable. But peeing is so painful. Not literally, I just mean its annoying.
There is a bunch of stuff i could say but for fear of scaring people off this blog I will keep it to myself at this stage. Lets just say, I am starting to gain empathy for some of the trials that the elderly must endure.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

16 weeks

So I am now going on 17 weeks. YAY.
all is going well and I'm getting off lightly still. Had my scan on Monday and it was cool. And got all my blood tests back and all seems well so yay.
Still feeling good and reckon my tummy has expanded maybe. Not sure... all my clothes still fit fine, but my shape is a bit different.
The baby is about 14cm from head to bum so add in the legs and that is frikken HUGE!!!
starting to have dreams about labour and stuff. heebies.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ok, so i think i just realised I'm going to be a mom!

I had the 12 week scan on Friday. Wow. I think i may have been a bit detached before... it was all a shock and pretty surreal before then, but on Friday I saw my baby shaking it up. At some point it went to sleep and the doc got the Band to talk to the tummy and (bless!) it woke up and moved - what looked like a wave. WOW! This thing is real, people. I may have fallen in love just a little bit.
What shocked me was how every time i laugh or touch my stomach the poor thing goes flying. The doc assured me that it is cushioned by the fluid or whatever. But still... I reckon i could have one annoyed kid emerging with all the exercise etc I get up to.

And for the uninformed among you, that is a LEG.... not a hooha!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

neeeeearly 11 weeks

Hi guys. I am doing well. Nausea has all but gone. I'm able to eat a bit more normally - ventured out from toast and apples at long last - and I'm back to exercising regularly. I haven't put on any weight yet either, which is great as far as i'm concerned. Plus - my lenten commitment (guess who was brought up catholic) is to take all my vitamins everyday. Ha! Sounds easy to you guys - you haven't seen how frikken MASSIVE and scary they are. BLEGH. Anyway, I have my 12 week scan next Friday and after that I'll be telling people. Think it will be a relief!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

10 weeks going strong

hi guys
well all is well tho my blogging has been pretty useless lately. Work is insane, but what can you do?

How cute is this shirt... sis-in-law gave it for baby. Madiba, andy warhol style. Love it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The oxymoron, the irony, the dilemma

Undoubtedly due to the fact that I can still pretty much only stomach the odd piece of toast (muesli is BITTER, people, BITTER!!!) I have actually lost weight.

This is in spite of the fact that I have (apparently) a few extra litres of blood in my system and my boobs are SERIOUSLY up a size. No, I am not pleased by this in the least. They were perfectly healthy in size before. The last thing I need is growth in that department, particularly as I can FEEL it happening. HURTS LIKE HELL!!!

The oxymoron, the irony and the dilemma of it is that this is supposedly not a good thing. Weight loss when you're knocked up is a no no. But i can't help being slightly pleased. I know, I am a total candidate for the Bad Mommy's Blog ALREADY!
Anyway, I thought I'd be one of those people who lost all control and stuffed herself senseless but it is not to be. Even the toast this morning tasted blegh. I can't actually afford to be off toast - there's nothing left after that!!