Monday, February 2, 2009

Compounded symptoms

So on Thursday I started with a sore throat. I have actually been in bed since then. I am never sick. Really,... do you remember me moaning about flu and such? Actually I'm one of those really irritating people who boasts about never being sick. Well no more. The cherry tomato (apparently that's the size now?) is obviously impacting on the immune system coz I have flu. WHO HAS FLU IN SUMMER??? me, clearly. And not mild, scratchy throat and the odd sneeze flu where you stay at home and eat nice stuff and watch great movies and generally live it up. Nope. Proper, lie groaning in bed, battle to concentrate on anything, bad dreams flu. The worst sort. ESPECIALLY seeing as the weather is beautiful.

But flu has gained a whole new meaning in my... er.... state. The flu seems to make morning sickness a whole lot worse. So now not only am I stuffy headed, sore throated, blocked nose and sinused, headachey and generally misluk (miserable for the non SAns), but I'm NAUSEOUS and I can't think about eating anything or gargling or anything. And I don't know that I can really take any medication. ugh.

To the Band's credit, he is one helluva nurse. Bless.

I am off to the baby doctor chick today for blood tests and another scan.Hopefully she prescribes something POTENT for me.

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