Monday, March 9, 2009

Ok, so i think i just realised I'm going to be a mom!

I had the 12 week scan on Friday. Wow. I think i may have been a bit detached before... it was all a shock and pretty surreal before then, but on Friday I saw my baby shaking it up. At some point it went to sleep and the doc got the Band to talk to the tummy and (bless!) it woke up and moved - what looked like a wave. WOW! This thing is real, people. I may have fallen in love just a little bit.
What shocked me was how every time i laugh or touch my stomach the poor thing goes flying. The doc assured me that it is cushioned by the fluid or whatever. But still... I reckon i could have one annoyed kid emerging with all the exercise etc I get up to.

And for the uninformed among you, that is a LEG.... not a hooha!!